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A Complete Guide For Installing Heavy Artwork

Essential Points To Remember When Installing Heavy Artwork

Art comes in different sizes and forms. Some find sculptures an appealing form of art, while others may be more interested in paintings, sketches, etc. Artwork is available in different shapes and sizes, from large to small & heavy to lightweight. Art sees no boundary. However, when you want to decorate any artwork at your property or move it from one place to another, it is essential to mark its safety and security. The best way to get an art installation at your property is to ask a professional to do it for you.

When you are moving your artwork around the densely populated lanes of New York, we suggest seeking help from Manhattan art installation and gathering the important installing pieces required at the moment. Here is the detailed shared guide of factors that must be considered while installing heavy artwork.

1. Select An Appropriate Location

When moving an artwork, one must focus on its destination prior. Artworks are delicate, and taking them in an unplanned way would result in impairing the art. As a token of advice, we would suggest finalizing a transport that is suitable for taking care of your art. Select a road or lane that does not have many bumps along the way, and it is easy to locate and relocate the sculpture or painting. Smooth pathways reduce the risk of damaging artwork while it is being installed.

2. Building And Packing The Artwork

Before it heads out to the location, it is crucial to build a foundation that stays. Picking heavy pieces on the top could result in damaging the art and affect its display. However, if the foundation is stronger and made with proper planning and care, the painting and statue would remain intact without showing any type of damage.

Coming to the packing procedure of the artwork, we would suggest you keep the location in mind and pack it accordingly. This packing would involve thermocouple coating, polythene, bubble wraps, etc.

3. Proper Lifting Of Artwork

It would take a lot of effort to manage a proper lifting of the artwork. We would suggest you use heavy machinery and cranes to carefully lift the art without shattering it into pieces. Professional artwork installers also use cranes, rigging equipment, etc to make sure all the art is easily lifted. Using proper ropes and pulleys is essential, so the artwork does not fall apart in the midway.

In case you are constantly facing the problem of lifting the art piece or have to move the painting to a higher level from the ground, we would suggest asking the help from a professional installer. Many artwork installation companies provide premium service and avoid causing any damage to the heavy art pieces.

4. Work On Different Plans

Sometimes lifting, moving, packing, and installing larger artwork can be a tedious task, and there is a chance that you may fail in doing so. In order to avoid such a condition, it is advisable to get ready with a plan B. Once you feel the recent plan does not provide a certain outcome, start working on the next plan and make sure it falls together in place.

You can create a proper vision of how to plan things and what could be the scenario. From the lift to stairs and walls, plan everything according to the place you are going to shift the paintings or sculptures. Luckily if you have a foolproof plan, there would be minimum or no chances of failure during art installation.

5. Hire A Professional


Even if you have vast experience in the field of creating art, you still need a professional with art installation. Many exhibitions and charity auctions provide professional installation services once you purchase an artwork from them. However, when you purchase the art from any other source, you need help while packing, carrying, transporting, and fixing it perfectly at home. In such cases, hiring a professional would help you to do the work effectively and efficiently.

Once all your factors and essential elements are taken care of, nothing could go wrong! You can easily buy the art and make it a place of attraction for your guest during the upcoming get-together.



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