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Everything You Need To Know About Golden Teachers Mushrooms

Golden Teachers mushrooms are a strain of magic mushrooms, a popular species of mushrooms that are widely repurposed as psychedelics around the globe; hidden from the world and its laws that prohibit the use of such mushrooms, in most countries. These, like any other mushrooms, are umbrella-shaped fungi with a cap, stripe, and gills.

The former of the name owes to its color, which happens to appear golden at the first glance and the latter is derived from its introspective effects that could make you brood over the world in a philosophical way, just like a real teacher. Hence, the name.

The integrity of microdosing such mushrooms is layered on the fact that they are true to their use as a  hallucinogenic and psychedelic substance, often enclosing you in seventh heaven after a microdose or dose smaller than that. Perhaps one of the greatest pros of this strain of magic mushrooms over other psychedelics is that its potency is mild and can prove to be the most amiable option for those new to this trend.

How to get them?

Well, you can cultivate them in your yard, which is also the safest way you can be in their proximity. That being said, dealing in psychedelics is illegitimate by the law in most countries; as is cultivating them.

The bottom line is, that no one has to know what secret is brewing inside your house but yourself. But this is far from the most pragmatic way. For after a few dosages you may get bored and suddenly decide you no longer want them near you. Perhaps the best, if not the most pragmatic, way you can get access to these mushrooms is by buying them as per your requirement.

How Much To Consume Mushrooms?

Just like any other psychedelic mushrooms, you may consume .3 grams of Golden Teachers to relish ample results, but ultimately the consumption varies depending on your weight and the results you covet. You might want to transcend every limit of bliss this time. Therefore, you consume a slightly bigger than what was specified by an expert. Either way, these mushrooms will allow for blissful few hours of respite and escapism.


While it is illegal in most of the US because of the illegal compound psilocybin. All sorts of magic mushrooms thrive in complete legality in The Bahamas, Brazil, Jamaica, Nepal, and  Samoa. Even within the US, there are a few areas where the law allows you to consume Golden Teachers mushrooms openly and these include Oregon, Seattle, Washington, Denver, and Colorado among other such areas.

Pros and Cons.

Several scientific types of research and questionnaires have explicitly that microdosing Golden Teachers can lend you a more mature outlook on life, a cathartic experience, induce euphoria and dopamine, etc. Also, they are known to curb mental health issues like depression. Addiction to smoking and drinking, anxiety, and PTSD in the long run. In some rare instances, the user can witness mystical experiences.

These mushrooms will show you what happiness feels like at its finest. But will not form dependence. Unlike cigarettes that are consumed for similar results. Plus they are less hazardous than the latter But like everything. There are a few drawbacks one can face by the virtue of these mushrooms: headache, nausea, exacerbated anxiety, and others but only in the worst-case scenarios that are seldom seen.

Most often, it is only the pros that you are most likely to experience. So without dwelling on the negative, brace yourself for the positive.
Here, the pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin. This is evident from the records and feedback given by the users.



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