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How Google Review Widget Can Upgrade Your Marketing In 2023

In this highly competitive market, where customers are spoilt for choices, Google review come as a saving grace for brands. It is well put out by Mr. Chris Anderson, the head of TED – “Your brand isn’t what you say it is – it’s what Google says it is.” It tells a lot about the impact and importance of Google reviews for brands.


Considering this importance, you might have noticed that many brands are opting to embed Google reviews on websites. Various tools on the internet provide you with a dedicated Google review widget and ease the whole embedding process. If you feel divided on the thought of whether or not to adopt this strategy, then this blog might be helpful to you.


Here we have listed some of the major benefits that you can enjoy by having Google review widget on your E-commerce website.

Why Your Ecommerce Website Needs Google Review Widget

Considering the competition in the market, we all know that one of the best ways to get more audience is by achieving a good market reputation. And Google reviews come to the rescue for that. But as it is important to gather reviews, it is also important to showcase them.

A). Increase brand trust

We all know that people find it easier to know and explore a product online, and based on the reviews, they make their decisions. According to a study, around 97% of people use online mediums to research products.


Moreover, according to the same study, around 93% of customers accept that online reviews and posts influence their purchase decision for any product or service. So, all can understand online reviews’ influence on a customer’s buying decisions. And based on these online reviews, they make their buying decisions. It won’t be wrong to say that reviews also help them trust any brands.


By exhibiting online reviews to the customers, you can easily showcase reviews on the website and provide a straight passage to consumers to know about your products/services and their public opinions.

B). Customer spends more time on the website

Customers always tend to read and research more on a product or business before buying anything. They want to spend more time knowing about the product and business to establish their buying decision.


If your website provides them with the ease of reading the reviews, it is more likely that they will spend more time on your website. And that is simply because consumers like to read as many reviews and feedback as possible so that they can make their buying decisions.


And as they will be spending more time on your website, it is more likely that it will spark an interest in their minds. Also, when your website provides reviews, details about the product, and the buying option.

C). Improves website traffic

When your users have your website as one of their sources to get all the reviews for the website, it is more likely that people would prefer reading from your site itself, as reviews displayed on your website will be more authentic to them. And they will believe it more.


Besides pulling consumers and creating brand awareness, website traffic also helps get a better search engine ranking. Better search engine ranking can do wonders for your business. When you have a better search engine ranking, whenever consumers will search for anything related to your business, it is likely that your website will be suggested to them, and you can expect them to click it. It not only helps you to get more consumers to your website but also creates brand awareness.

D). Keep them focused on your brand

When your website is the main source to know about reviews, information, and purchase, then it is likely that your consumers will exit your website. And that results in a reduced bounce rate.


A reduced bounce rate is one of the other major factors that help you in getting a better search engine ranking. Reviews also can play a huge role in holding your consumers on your website. While searching for the product of their need, they might likely visit different websites and brands before making a purchase. And this can spark their interest in different brands. By keeping them on your website, you can keep them focused on your brand.

E). Develops a review cycle

To get better brand recognition and reputation, it is important to have more reviews for your business. In simple words, the more reviews, the better for the brand. Adding Google reviews to your website can help you in getting more reviews. How? – Consumers feel valued when a brand showcases consumer reviews on its website. And when they see other consumers’ reviews getting featured on the website, it might inspire them to write reviews for your business and enjoy their limelight on the website. This eventually builds the review cycle, helping you get more reviews and your consumers get a feature on the website.


This process also builds a robust relationship between the brand and consumers. And also showcases that brand is transparent to its customers and has nothing to hide. Moreover, it also makes your brand develop a reputation as a brand that respects the feedback of its consumers and even showcases them on the website. So, you get more reviews, consumer trust, brand reputation, and strong relations with your consumers. What else does one look for?

Final Words

Considering the competition in the market, it is important to keep your marketing maneuvers up to date and keep them in check regularly. Google reviews can be considered one of the best marketing tools, and you can make the most of it by choosing to embed Google reviews on website. Tools like social media aggregators make it easy for you to achieve this goal, and you can find ample tools on the internet.


So what are you waiting for?


Try them now and upgrade your marketing in the new year.



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