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How to Change Windows 11 Graphics Customizer Settings

Windows 11 graphics settings are customizable, but you can’t un-assign custom settings to individual apps. In some cases, this can be useful. Hulu App is not a popular app or website, But users are facing many problems like Hulu Error code, Hulu error code drmcdm78 : Here is the Easiest Method to Fix.

For example, you can choose high-performance graphics for the desktop, while the power-saving mode is better for the power-strapped. You can also change the resolution and build motor memory. There are several ways to change graphics settings, so read on to learn how to do it.


Change desktop icons in Windows 11


One of the best ways to change the desktop icons on your PC is to use the Personalization option in the Control Panel. To do so, press Windows + I and then click Personalization. Then, in the Personalization window, select the system icon you want and click the Change icon. Once done, your computer will now use the new icon on your desktop. You can also change the icons on your desktop by dragging and dropping images from the web.

After changing the desktop icon, go back to the Control Panel and click the Customize tab. In the Change Icon window, you will see all available icons. Click the “Change icon” button to select a new icon and save it in the system’s registry. After doing so, you will be prompted to restart your PC. If you encounter any glitches, restart your PC to apply the new icon.


Change resolution in Windows 11


To change the resolution of the display, you can either right-click the desktop and select Display settings or open the classic Control Panel. Once in the Display tab, click on the List All Modes button. Select the resolution you want and click Apply. You can also choose to keep the changes you made. Now you’ll have the perfect screen resolution for your games and movies.

But how do you change it? Here are some tips:


Use the ‘queues’ command to change the display resolution or refresh rate. It can be a keyboard shortcut or used with batch files. But note that you should be aware of the monitor’s specifications and timing standards before making changes. It’s better to consult your manual before making any changes. You can even set up a batch file to perform the task automatically. If you’re not sure how to use the Custom Resolutions/Modes feature on Windows 11, you can use HotKey Resolution Changer.




To change the resolution of your monitor, first, open the Graphics customizer and go to the Hardware tab. On the right-hand side, you will find a section for the EDID signal. The EDID signal is a type of signal intended for display devices that are connected to the system. It tells the operating system what your monitor’s native resolution is. You can then edit this signal to change the resolution.

The EDID format is used for computer video. The first version of the EDID specification is for analog computer-video devices with VGA ports. It has since been implemented for DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort. It was developed by VESA and first appeared as version 1.0 of the DDC standard in 1994. You can also edit EDID in Windows 11 Graphics customize by modifying the EDID values in the registry.


Build motor memory in Windows 11


Before Windows 11, you could use the “Pin to taskbar” option to quickly access your programs. The problem is that the start menu in Windows 11 has a central bar that makes it difficult to pin applications to the taskbar. In Windows 8, you could build motor memory for each program location, so that the mouse pointer would always land on the same pixel, but not in Windows 11. The best way to fix this is to customize the position of the start menu button and its settings.

The first step in this process is to open the Windows memory diagnostic tool. This tool runs a series of tests on your system to identify memory problems. You should set the initial size to 1912 bytes and the maximum size to 4096 bytes, which will give you an extra 4GB of virtual memory. You can also increase the maximum size to three times the physical memory. Those are the basics of building motor memory in Windows 11.



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