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IVF: When You Need It, Types, Cost & More

Indeed every couple’s journey is incomplete without a child. Parenthood is the most amazing experience in this world. Unfortunately, many couples have some complications in conceiving due to several issues related to the reproductive system.

But, this doesn’t mean they can never give birth to their offspring. Today, both men and women can overcome infertility issues through several infertility treatments. One of the most popular and effective ones is In Vitro Fertilization.

The best infertility doctors in Chandigarh and other cities in India suggest IVF treatment to those who have unprotected intercourse for more than two years and cannot conceive.

It is a pretty simple treatment in which both the mature egg from a woman’s ovary and the healthy sperm of a man is collected and placed in a lab environment. Then these two are diffused comfortably and inserted back into the female’s body after 5-6 days of embryo development. This increases the odds of women getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy.

Although many infertility clinics offer IVF treatment all over India, only a few are reliable. Therefore, verifying the specialist before starting to take theIn Vitro Fertilization procedure is indispensable. Also, some infertility doctors are waiting for desperate infertile couples to take advantage of their condition instead of providing efficient treatment. So, it is vital to safeguard yourself from such fraud and use your hard-earned money wisely at a genuine IVF center near you.

Now let us dive into different types of IVF infertility treatment. Generally, two types of IVF treatment are there:

  1. Conventional IVF
  2. Mini IVF.
  • Conventional IVF:

A conventional or traditional IVF typically involves three steps: preparation, simulation, and retrieval.

The preparation stage is essential for preventing lead follicles from growing—ensuring the equal growth of all follicles in a woman’s reproductive system. Birth control pills, Lupron injections, and estrogen pills are part of the preparation stage.

Next comes the simulation stage—during this phase, Gonal-F and Follistim drugs are injected into the female’s body to stimulate the growth of both follicles and eggs. It aims to produce at least 10-15 eggs for the IVF cycle.

During the production phase, the HCG is given to patients in order to release eggs from their ovaries, collect them within 38-40 hours, and preserve them at the appropriate temperature.

  • Mini IVF:

The term “mini IVF” also refers to minimal stimulation infertility treatment. Because this process involves giving light doses of drugs to stimulate follicles and eggs. A mini IVF uses the oral drug Clomid to induce ovulation rather than injecting gonadotropin hormone.

According to the best infertility doctors, the success rate of mini IVF is a bit less than the traditional one, but this procedure is suitable for PCOS victims and those females that are at high risk of developing OHSS.

What’s more? The cost of mini In Vitro Fertilization treatment is much less than traditional procedure, so couples with a low budget can also afford, robots knowledge.

Cost Of IVF

Indeed this treatment is a bit expensive because of its complexity. But its cost varies from country to country. For instance, the cost of IVF in India is much lower than in the US, England, and Canada. Many infertile couples cannot afford it. That’s why many people from these countries come to India to get infertility treatment and make their dreams come true of becoming a parent.

Many people believe that the IVF procedure in India is not proficient due to the low price. However, it is not so. This clinic offers skilled, qualified infertility specialists at a low cost per cycle. It is just because of the difference in the currency’s value.

As per the research, its costs in India lie between 70,000-1,25,000 Rs per cycle. Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Ahmedabad, and Patna are the cities with low-cost treatment. Their rates are a bit high in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru.

That was all about IVF infertility treatment, its types, and its cost. Hope you found the information useful!



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