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Judge Fines $ 10,000 A Day Against Donald Trump

A New York court has overturned Donald Trump’s attempt to set up a contempt order. And a $ 10,000 daily fine was imposed on the former US president for failing to comply with an investigation into his company.

 However, a New York judge said on Wednesday: 

“He conditionally exceeded a contempt order against former President Donald Trump”

Trump was found contemptuous of a court last month for failing to comply with an order issued by Letitia James. New York state attorney general, who seeks financial records for his fraud investigation into the Trump Organization.

Meanwhile, Justice Arthur Engoron said

 “He was suspending the $ 10,000 contempt order the day he hit Trump last month – but Trump still has to pay the $ 110,000 fine collected so far”

However, Trump says the records are not available and he tried to impose fines and insults.

Who is Habba Madaio  Associates’ managing partner and Donald Trumps Lawyer? 

Alina Habba is a Habba Madaio and Associates’ managing partner.  She is serving as former President Donald Trump’s Lawyer. As a popular figure in the community, Habba has been closely watched.

 Alina Habba, Trump’s attorney,  disputed her claim that “expensive fines have no reason at all” and that the management of a real estate agent and former TV presenter The Apprentice was “unconscious and insecure”.

Recently, she caught people’s eye after mentioning, 

“My client is an honest person, which has angered some people in this room.” 

However, Engoron has denied the allegations, leaving Trump with an $ 80,000 fine so far. The judge criticized Trump’s affidavit stating how the company sought the documents James needed.

Engoron wrote in a statement

“Mr. Trump’s affidavit does not contain all the necessary details,”

Justice Engoron said before arresting:

Mr. Trump “I know you take your business very seriously, and I take mine seriously,” 

The contemptuous order was a legal critique of Mr. Trump – stoning and law enforcement investigations have been ridiculed for being politically motivated, sometimes for years. So, The practice has helped him get out of several unresolved questions, blocking several prosecutors, regulators, and congressional investigators who want to charge him.

But Ms. James has already taken her aggressive legal plan to curb her long-running career, and now she seems ready to take the next step.

James investigates allegations that the Trump Organization committed fraud by exploiting the stated prices of its properties to obtain favorable terms of loans, insurance rates, and taxes.

However, The attorney general’s legal team claims that the company “used fraudulent and misleading financial statements for economic gain”.

In February, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump, two of Trump’s two children, were ordered to testify in the case. They have passed the order and are awaiting the outcome.

Why does Trump Call James “Democrat’?

Trump himself called James “a Democrat” and said he was the victim of “the greatest witch hunt ever.”

In another court case, Mr. Trump sued Ms. James, seeking to stop her investigation so that she could be removed from the Manhattan regional attorney’s investigation. That case is ongoing.

However, Trump has been in a lot of legal trouble since the end of his presidency last year, shortly after his supporters attempted to overthrow the 2020 presidential election.

On Tuesday, the Trump Organization and the Trump administration founding committee agreed to pay Washington DC, $ 750,000 officials to resolve a lawsuit alleging misuse of a nonprofit committee’s money to enrich the Trump family.

Federal prosecutors in Atlanta are investigating whether Trump tried to force Georgia officials to annul the election results. So, Joe Biden won Georgia on his way to victory in the 2020 election.

 After Justice Engoron ordered that Mr. Trump be arrested in defiance, a representative of Mr. Trump said Haystack would do a review. Then, He was arrested on 6 January.

In another court case, Mr. Trump sued Ms. James, seeking to stop her investigation. So that she could be removed from the Manhattan regional attorney’s investigation. That case is ongoing.

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In the above article, we will talk about the fine on trump. Arthur F. Engoron is a judge in the New York Regional First Court of Justice. So, Here is short summary of this article.

Engoron was previously a judge in New York Civil Court from 2003 to 2015. He was also an acting judge of the First Regional Court of Justice from 2013 to 2015. On April 25, 2022, Judge Arthur F. Engoron found former President Donald Trump (R) in contempt of court for failing to heed a summons issued by the New York state attorney general’s office. Engoron found that Trump had failed to provide the documents requested by the attorney general’s office and ordered Trump to comply with the decision or pay a $ 10,000 fine a day.

On April 29, 2022, Engoron rejected an application by Trump’s attorney to overturn his previous decision to disregard the court’s decision. 

On May 11, 2022, Engroron rescinded the court’s decision and ordered Trump to pay a $ 110,000 fine.



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