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Keyword Golden Ratio: A Vital Aspect to Ranking Higher

The keyword golden ratio is a key aspect if you are looking to rank better in Google searches. Read this blog and learn some smart tricks.

Keyword Golden Ratio: Why Should You Use it For SEO?

If you want to rank better on Google searches, the Keyword Golden Ratio will help you accomplish this. It is a data-driven strategy that helps find long-tail keywords underutilized in Google search engine results pages. In addition, the formula is used to find keywords with very little competition on the internet.

The formula divides the “number of ‘allintitle’ search results” with the “monthly search value,” which should be less than 250. “Allintitle” is an advanced Google search operator that mentions all the words that should be in the page’s meta title. If the result of the formula is less than 0.25, then that means the keyword is KGR-appropriate and should be used.

How is Keyword Golden Ratio helpful for SEO?

The Keyword Golden Ratio helps website owners and SEO services in the following ways:

  1. Website owners who have just started need some push for their website. The KGR method helps attract new visitors, who will, in turn, contribute to sales. This helps the website owner to stay motivated.
  2. Every company needs to put out content and improvise content marketing. An important factor in doing content marketing is the understanding of keywords. The KGR method helps people to have a definite list of keywords that will do well for SEO, making keyword selection refined and rewarding.
  3. The process is manually done with the help of data that no other person will be able to replicate.

Five reasons why you should use Keyword Golden Ratio for SEO

There are various formidable reasons why companies should be implementing the KGR methods within their SEO services. Some of those reasons are:

  1. Higher traffic

Increased traffic is the first and foremost reason the Keyword Golden Ratio is needed. This concept will benefit companies in their early stages or those looking to expand their digital presence. It becomes easier to develop content using those keywords that have less competition.

  1. A clearer understanding of the purpose

Many options are available when someone searches for keywords trending in their industry. The KGR technique guides you in getting a quicker ranking for keywords by using those under-utilized phrases. Additionally, when you run out of ideas, these keywords can tell you what you should actually be writing about.

  1. Greater scope for objectivity

When you use the KGR formula, you don’t have to be subjective when choosing the right keywords in your content. Instead, you can be unbiased towards the keywords you choose to rank higher in SERPs. Upon applying the formula, a low ratio implies that you have a better chance of ranking in the top 25 search results.

  1. Tackle competition

It is a fact that a user will click on the top two or three links that appear in search results. You can beat your competitors by researching the keywords that they are using. After compiling the list of the keywords most used by your competitors, you can use the KGR formula to see which keyword is the most promising and then outrun your competitors in SERPs.

  1. Distinct image

Underutilized and long-tail keywords represent the needs of a niche customer segment market where demand exceeds supply. You can focus on creating content that caters to these niches and improves conversion rates. Your audience will keep coming back to you as they can’t find your offerings on other websites.

How to find golden keywords?

The initial stages of using the KGR formula and compiling a list of keywords can be overwhelming and tiring. But eventually, it will help you establish the authority and credibility needed to feature on SERPs. The following methods will help you find these keywords:

  1. Find relevant and low-search terms

The first step you need to take to find out KGR-compliant terms is keyword research. While doing so, you need to find:

  • A list of relevant topics that you can use to create content
  • Research the search volume of each of the terms that you have selected
  • Implement a system where KGR tracks these topics
  1. Remove terms that have a search volume above 250

Eliminate all those profitable keywords that have a search volume exceeding 250 as Camphouse Portal. An online research and tracking tool can help you set a limit for search volume. This will allow for filtering such terms faster and will speed up the research process.

  1. Calculate the final KGR

After organizing results based on difficulty and length, you should also determine allintitle results. The search volume results and allintitle results should be enough for you to apply the KGR formula. Then, you can carefully decide which keyword to choose depending on the parameters.

Summarising Keyword Golden Ratio

The Keyword Golden Ratio keeps you motivated as you find keywords that can help improve your ranking. It is one of the best techniques you can use through professional SEO services. It perfectly suits new websites that want to improve their organic traffic. After all, it is the go-to solution for most SEO needs.

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