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Level Up Branding Game With 3D Animation Video Production

3D animations have become one of the most powerful tools for branding and advertising. 3D animation video production continually fuels various types of business promotion, shaping a completely different path to present products and services.

The modern digital space is set to work hand in hand with technology, where companies choose different types of software and implement effective marketing strategies that could help businesses tap into the market with their full potential. What’s more interesting is the rapid progress of the graphic design industry, introducing new trends and raising the marketing game.

3D Animation Video Creation Is Not Something New For Us.

We all have watched 3D videos in our daily lives in movies, films, series, and commercials. What 3D animated videos have is a mix of nostalgia, movement, beautiful scenarios, and powerful context, building depth and excitement.

However, the creation of these realistic videos involves several phases in which 3D animation studios show their expertise with high-quality, engaging, and appealing visual content. The video production process is much more complex, but the end results are up to a greater extent. Thus we can say that creating 3D animated videos is as interesting and full of fun as we feel while watching them.

The 3D Animation Video Production Process

3D animation has emerged as a breakthrough in the gaming and branding industry. From kids to adults, everyone gets attracted to animated videos as they are great sources of entertainment. Animated videos have always been there to entertain and educate people. Animated videos have created a buzz with their soft tone, colorful background, lovely characters, and appealing scripts.

In the business industry, 3D animation video production has become a standard in marketing. Entrepreneurs are highly focused on animated video production to create videos and brand their products and services. The process is very long because video producers have to look after various factors and features to end up with a top-notch animated branding video.

Let’s dive into the animation video production process and see what steps have to be followed to end up with an engaging video.

  1. Pre-Production

Pre-production is the first step in video making that includes research, designing, and planning of the animated video project. It is obvious that before doing anything, a plan is needed to work on. A plan will guide you about the creation and directs the path. It means the better the pre-production is done; the easier will be the production stage.

The pre-production stage comprises:

  • Idea Generation

Behind every great story, there is a brilliant idea. Your thoughts and imaginations can easily be molded into a video when you have a mind-blowing idea. Thus, making it essential for an animated video to have well-thought ideas.

  • Story Creation

Different ideas create a story, but it would not happen in a second. It is common for ideas they are scattered, and a story is always organized. To turn your ideas into an interesting story, ideas need improvement until the story does not get the final shape. Story making includes characters, conflict, background, and the selection of video type.

  • Script Writing

Without an engaging script, a story is incomplete. The video script is the literary version of your story that fully expresses what the whole video is all about. It includes character movements, time, actions, environment, and dialogues.

  • Storyboarding

Storyboarding is where initial planning is done to begin the video-making. It is the non-visual version of the script that looks like a comic book, including ideas of camera staging, character poses, scenes and events.

  • Animatic

Animatic is where the storyboard will move. This is where a sequence is made that what will happen first and in the end.

  • Design

This is the part where you will finalize your story and create the video. It includes concept design, character design, costumes, props, and the environment. Additionally, here you will convey the mood and concept of the story.

  1. Production

You will put your pre-production efforts into action during the production step. Using 3D animation video services here ensures the final video does not require any captions in order to grab the attention of viewers. It includes many things, let’s look at them:

  • 3D Layout

Turning 2D animatic into the 3D version is what we call 3D layout. The layout consists of basic three-dimensional attributes like character size, shape, environment, character animation, geometry, and much more.

  • 3D Modelling

3D modeling is the development of the geometric surface representation of the video elements using 3D Max or Maya.

  • Texturing

Texturing includes the addition of colors and applying textures. It includes bolding and brightening themes and adding shades, tints, and hues to the branding video.

  • Rigging

Rigging refers to adding a bone-like structure to the 3D objects so the video producer can make them move in the video.

  • Animation

This is where the 3D objects, characters, and scenes tend to move. 3D animation is a time-consuming part of video production, making animators take several trials to animate the visual content the right way.

  • Lighting

Lighting refers to adding real-world lighting to the content. In 3D animated videos, lighting creates the mood and develops sequence in the scene.

  • Rendering

The process of rendering involves taking a scene and separating it into multiple layers based on the colors, objects, foreground, background, highlights, and shadows. Later on, they united again in the post-production step.

  1. Post-Production

In order to make your 3D animated branding video look professional and polished, it will be put to the test. What 3D animation studios do is analyze the whole video, find mistakes, improve its working, correct the color combinations and unite scenes to finalize the video.

Congrats, your 3D animated video is ready to educate and entertain the target audience.


3D animation video production has become a trend in the business industry. Many small, mid-size, and large-scale enterprises have adopted this video marketing trend to improve their branding strategies and give the audience something entertaining yet informative to experience.

Animated videos portray your ideas, thoughts, and imaginations correctly and give viewers a good time. However, the core purpose is to make the audience aware of your business services, and 3D animations do the justice with their attractive, engaging, and appealing videos. Thus, they are great things to invest in.



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