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Make summer Time A Fusion Of Adventure And Creativity On 2022

The time has come to enroll for day camp. Summer breaks are the avenue of escape for kids. At the same time, it can be a bit tougher for parents to manage home and work with them. Staying at home can increase the screen time of children which is a big No. Parents would not want their kids to get busy with gadgets, which is a road to becoming dull and lazy. Instead, you will want them to stay active and fit.

So, it’s time to take a flight to the best summer camp in Dubai. It is the best way to utilize a break and recharge lost energies. Camps are jam-packed with fun activities that can help children learn teamwork and identify their abilities. Kids also get a chance to make a bond with their fellow beings as it is a place where strangers become friends.

Why is summer camp a good idea?

As said above, summer camp is a break for kids to replenish their lost energies and get in a better form. It provides children with a suitable environment to experience great outdoor activities with their companions which helps them develop social and decision-making skills. As intellectual and socializing go hand in hand to get successful, summer camp is the best place to practice such activities. It helps kids relish creativity and enjoy the adventure with friends which is a bonus to building team spirit.

5 creative activities to add to summer camp

As one of the objectives of summer camp is to instill creativity in campers, here are a few ideas you can add to the list.

1.  Lawn twisters

Outdoor twister helps you test abilities and practice balance splendidly. To make it more fun, campers can exploit the ground and paint their twister board. It will be a combo of practicing balance by twisting like a cracker, implementing team abilities by playing as a team, and executing their creative skills by making their twister on the grass.

2.  Star staring

Stargazing can be a great way to help campers practice astrophysics. It can be fun and relaxing for people from all walks of life to finish off the day. Campers can draw the star patterns and castellations by their name to ride in the world of imagination.

3.   Capture memories by scrapbooking

Moments last a second but memories remain forever. Let campers have a collection of memories to cherish for life. Scrapbooking is a great way to capture memories. Provide campers with photos and other essentials to bring out their creative ideas on the scrapbook.

4.   Express thought by writing journals

Journaling is a great opportunity for self-examining, especially for those who are fond of reading and writing.

5.   Finger painting for toddlers

It is a favorite activity for toddlers. Using fingers as a paintbrush can be a classic way to teach kids about different vegetables and shapes.

 5 adventures to add to summer camp

Camp without adventure sounds tedious, right? Let’s discuss some adventurous activities now.

1.  Bike racing

Bicycle riding can benefit children physically and mentally. That is why most summer camp spots in Dubai facilitate campers with bicycles. They ride it for fun or arrange a competition to inspect their skills and physical fitness.

2.   High and low rope courses

It is the best activity to encourage team building and personal development. Low ropes are usually on the ground and take minimal effort. However, a high rope course is up in the air which makes it more challenging, fun, and adventurous for campers.

3.  Rock climbing

Rock climbing is best to make kids physically fit. Your full body is in the active mode which makes it more challenging and adds flexibility, increases endurance power, and strengthens the muscles of teens and kids.

4.   Hike in the dark hours

Sitting around bonfires and roasting marshmallows can be lame sometimes. Why not break the rules and add something new and fun this time? Add a twist with night hiking. It gives campers a new experience with little effort and more opportunities to explore the woods at night.

5.   Skating

Skating has always been a favorite activity for kids. It makes them determinant, enhances self-esteem, and provides opportunities to learn. It can be a great way for kids to have fun and birthday party package ideas.


Overall, summer camps are a great opportunity for children of all ages to learn, make new friends, practice teamwork, and much more. So, enroll them in the summer camp programs this summer to give them a ride to fun and adventure.



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