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Read 6 Dazzling Printing Tips to Design Attractive Custom Boxes

Packaging printing is an essential part of any custom packaging box. It’s the first thing that people see and what they judge your product by before opening it, so it’s very important to make sure that you’re imprint with a high-quality printer. Custom packaging printing is not an easy job. It requires a lot of creativity, attention to detail, and patience. An imprint mistake can quickly turn your custom box into a disaster, which will ultimately affect the sales of your products as well. Luckily for you, we have some imprint tips that will help you design attractive Custom Packaging Boxes with Logo on them. Keep reading for more details.

  1. Use Bold Color Combinations

Do not use printing inks that are similar to the color of your boxes. For example, imprint a white box with black imprint ink will make it difficult for people to see what’s printed on it, especially if you’re using small fonts or writing very long sentences.

Instead, use bold colors such as red and green so they’ll stand out against the background of your package. These two-holiday colors look great together, but you can also experiment with other equally bright ones like blue and yellow or purple and pink.

It is better to use your brand colors on the packaging boxes because they help you increase your business recognition in the market. There are several multi-national brands that are known worldwide for their unique and persuasive color schemes on the packaging boxes.

  1. Add Unique Font for Writing

Using an appropriate font is necessary to make an appealing printing design. The selection of font style and size makes your packaging box more informative for the audience. The font size should not be too big or small to avoid imprint errors, but it should also be legible for easy reading. The typeface you select must complement the design of your custom packaging boxes, so choose wisely! Use an appropriate font and make sure that the font style complements the custom printing box design.

Customers will appreciate it if they can read what is written on their packaging easily, without any printing error because this makes them feel like they are taken care of as customers, which increases customer satisfaction level in return. Hence, all imprint details need to be considered when designing a print-ready package with a logo.

  1. Make Alluring Printing Designs

Printing design plays a vital role in printing custom packaging boxes. A good imprint design will increase the value of your products, and it helps to differentiate your product from other competitors’ items which helps in enhancing brand recognition and brand loyalty in the market.

Add Unique Pictures, Designs, And Graphics To Printing Boxes.

These can be done with printing, or you could use other means like stickers, silk screening, etc., but make sure that these pictures are high in quality, so they look professional when printed on the packaging box.

For the products like books, printing boxes with a spine on the back is more attractive for customers. This helps to distinguish your product from other competitors in the market and provides an easy way of displaying what’s inside without having to open up the packaging box or take out any content.

Bright colors that are well-maintain will help make custom printing packaging boxes more appealing. When printing these colorful designs on branding items like t-shirts. bright colors should always be done using CMYK color imprint which gives off richer hues than if you were to print them as RGB coloring because they create brighter and lighter shades when printed this way.

It is also important that whatever design you select for imprint purposes has been tested before use, so there won’t be any problem with the final printing.

  1. Add Your Business Information & Logo

It is also important to include your business information. Logo on printing packaging boxes so you can brand them with what they represent. It would be easier for the audience to recognize. Who printed the custom packaging box if there was a company’s name, address, phone number, or website included in it.

This information is also necessary to add because not adding it will cause legal issues for your brand. Government institutions and other regulatory authorities can take against your brand. It will not cause damage to your reputation in the market. But it can lead to imprisonment or a fine, which definitely no one likes.

  1. Highlight the USP of Your Product

In order to create content that will capture the attention of your audience. You can outline some unique features or qualities of your product. You might want to highlight why it is different than other products in its category and how it differs from them.

It helps you to answer the customer’s queries and tells them how distinctive your products are. Many studies show that adding USP (Unique Selling Point) to the content will increase conversion rates for your business.

  1. Use Easy Language and Avoid Jargon

Use easy vocabulary and use easy words to give your message to a bigger audience. Avoid using jargon that is not easy to understand.

Don’t use complex words or sentences. Which will make your content difficult to read and comprehend, e.g. For better printing results, calibrate the imprint device for printing material type. Instead, you can say: “If you want beautiful prints every time, then adjust your printing device to imprint material type.”

This will make your content more accessible and enjoyable for the audience. Don’t write like you’re talking to a professor or someone who knows everything about printing materials, equipment, etc. Write as if you are chatting with someone just starting out on their printing journey with your products.

It Will Help You To Gain Customers’ Trust And Boost Your Business.

Do not add too much information to the packaging. Custom printing boxes are already very attractive. But if you want to make them extra eye-catching, then avoid adding too much information to the packaging.

Adding too many words about printing materials might hinder people from buying your product. If they don’t know what it is that you’re talking about.  Instead of using a lot of technical terms in describing imprint equipment.

Say things like “This machine does this” instead of saying “A printing device.” People will be more interested in reading how to get beautiful prints every time than an entire paragraph explaining imprint equipment. So, deliver your message precisely and use easy words to get your desired results from box packaging printing.


See how printing tips can improve your custom packaging boxes. It is important to understand that imprint on packages is not just about making them look attractive and appealing but also for safety purposes.

It should be something you consider. When printing any type of package because it has an effect on your product’s sales. Moreover, choose a packaging partner like “Stampa Prints” that provide free design support to their clients to make their life easier by providing them proper information and helping them to boost their business.



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