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Skin Whitening Treatment


Are you tired of covering your darkish patches and spots on your body with makeup? Why not try alternatives? There are a number of products available on the market that help lighten these pigmentation marks on your skin. But these are temporary solutions. A permanent solution to your uneven pigmentation problem would be to get it professionally treated. Skin Whitening Treatment in Islamabad, Pakistan is one of the best solutions to getting rid of your pigmentation. It is a safe and permanent solution to using bleaching creams and spot removal serums.

What is Skin Whitening Treatment?

Instead of using harsh chemicals on your skin to make it fairer and spotless, dermatologists have worked hard to come up with a much better alternative. Nowadays you can get yourself professionally treated for your hyperpigmentation and it’s safer and more effective than using bleaching creams. This treatment involves injecting the body with Glutathione, which is an anti-oxidant element used to brighten up the skin and make it fair and spotless.

How Is Skin Whitening Treatment Performed?

It is not that complicated to administer a Glutathione Injection but there are still a few steps that should be followed. Dr. Naveed at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic takes these instructions very seriously to avoid any mishaps from happening. The following steps are followed for this treatment:

  • Firstly Dr. Naveed will Clean the skin with an alcohol wipe.
  • He will then take a clean injection and fill it to the mark of dosage required.
  • This injection has to be inserted into the buttocks or the thigh and has to be inserted at a 90-degree angle.
  • Once the entire needle is inside your thigh, the doctor will slowly push the glutathione fluid into the body.
  • After the successful transfer of the anti-oxidant, you will be given a bandage or a cotton ball to help with the minor bleeding.
  • This process is repeated depending on how pigmented is your skin and how many doses are required.

How Does Glutathione Work as a Skin Whitening Treatment?

This substance is comprised of strong antioxidants like cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid along with a number of naturally occurring amino acids. Vitamin C is also added to the injection. This vitamin helps with the production of collagen, resulting in tighter and younger skin. All these chemicals are advantageous for your body and help with the removal of any present toxins.

When this antioxidant is injected into the body, it works itself to expel any toxins that are present in the body. These toxins are the leading causes of hyperpigmentation in the body and their removal restricts dark patches from appearing on the body. After the expulsion of these toxins, the skin gets glowy and radiant.

Is Glutathione Suitable for Me?

As of now, there are little to no records of this substance causing severe side effects n the patients. 1 out of 50 patients might face mild symptoms that disappear within a day. This treatment is quite beneficial and suitable for a number of individuals. Getting this treatment has the following benefits:

  • Reduction of Hyperpigmentation on certain parts of their body
  • Removal of Darkish spots and marks
  • Reduced signs of aging such as fine lines and crows feet
  • Nourishment of dry skin
  • Healing of Acne and inflammation marks
  • Lightens your skin complexion
  • Overall improves and brightens your skin

Who can Get Skin Whitening Treatments?

There are no fixed criteria for getting glutathione injections. There are only a few guidelines for each patient to follow. They are:

  • You should be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • You should have a healthy diet.
  • You should be a nonsmoker or stop smoking 1 month prior.
  • You should avoid drinking alcohol three 5 weeks prior.
  • Your blood tests should be clear and free of any diseases.
  • You should not have any chronic diseases such as cancer or liver disease.
  • You should avoid taking blood thinners or any other drug before the procedure.
  • You should not be pregnant or a nursing mother.
  • This treatment is not suitable for people with asthma.

These restrictions are only in place to keep you safe. There are several clinics that will still continue with the procedure even if you don’t fall under all of these categories. They are only in it for the money, so be careful where you go for treatment.

What To Expect After Getting Glutathione Injections:

Glutathione takes more than a few days to show the results, so bear in mind that if you have any expectations about getting instant results, it is not going to happen overnight. If you are going out in the sun after getting the injections, use sunscreen afterward.

Other after-care instructions include taking a healthy dosage of vitamin C along with glutathione pills. These guidelines help maintain the effects of the injection for longer periods, making your visits to the clinic for touchups less frequent.

Are Skin Whitening Treatments Risky?

Like any other body modification treatment, Skin Whitening Treatment also has a few risks and side effects involved. However, only 5% of women will face the side effects and that too only one at a time. Following are some symptoms that they will show after getting this treatment:

  • Discomfort in the abdominal region
  • Problems in the digestive tract
  • Loose motion
  • Anxiousness
  • Numbing sensation
  • The appearance of white-colored marks on the nails

Even if your chance of facing any of these is minimal, it is still important that you be aware of them.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Get Skin Whitening Treatment?

Getting Skin Whitening Treatment in Islamabad, Pakistan will only cost you around PKR13,000 to PKR20,000. In general, this amount depends on your location and how many doses you receive.

An expensive place or a private clinic will charge you more for this treatment.

Another thing that increases the cost is the dosage and the number of sessions needed. If you require more doses, it is obvious that you will have to make more appointments.

Are the Effects Long-Lasting?

Initially, you will need to get the injections very frequently to help reduce the marks and hyperpigmentation. After you reach your optimal goals, you will only need a booster shot every three to four months. The results can take up to 1 month to be visible and are long-lasting.

The results of this treatment are very dramatic and there is a visible difference in your skin tone after getting the injections. Your face will look brighter and be more glowy as compared to your skin before you got the injections.

Final Verdict:

Omen in the subcontinent prefer to have skin free of marks and hyperpigmentation, leading to the increasing popularity of these brightening treatments. These brightening injections contain Glutathione which has several benefits for the skin apart from making the skin look whiter. It’s a safe and effective process and if you are looking to get these injections, make sure to get them from Dr. Naveed at the Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Islamabad, Pakistan.



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