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Men want to look handsome, and everyone tries to up their fashion game by keeping up with the latest fashion trends. For this purpose, men use different pieces of shirts and slacks to bring new looks. A pants manufacturer also knows about this fact, which is why all the brands bring new collections every season.

Chinos have a history, but as time passed, they have become a fashion statement. These days you can see men wearing this with tucked-in polos and shirts. They keep the length of the trousers to the ankle because this gives them a more chic look.

In this article, we will be telling you about what chinos are, how you can style them, and how they are different from other trousers.

The History Of Chinos Goes Back To The 19th Century

Chinos name comes from “china” because these were first made in china. Back in the day, a pants manufacturer developed this for the British and French Military, which were part of the army’s uniforms. They used to wear them in the war.

The pants manufacturer designed the chinos to make them durable and comfortable so that they can bear the wear and tear of the war and soldiers will feel comfortable wearing them.

Since then, these trousers have come a long way, and now they have become a fashion statement.

What Are Chinos?

Chinos are trousers made from Twill fabric, mostly 100% cotton, and they are also durable and comfortable. The best part is that you can wear them casually and formally.

Whether you wear them with a t-shirt or a dress shirt, they look amazing with both of them. These trousers have a unique style and lie somewhere between formal and casual trousers.

They usually come in khaki colors, but nowadays, brands make them in a vast range of colors, and you can choose your favorite color, which goes well with your t-shirt, polo shirt, or dress shirt.

The Material Used

If we think about history, the fabric used to make chinos was 100% cotton. Even nowadays, most brands use twill made from 100% cotton to make this. But some brands also add polyester or Lycra to give the trousers more durability and stretch.

How Are Chinos Different From Other Trousers?

Well, several reasons make it different from other trousers, and we have discussed them in the following points.

  • The pockets of the chinos are on the sides, and they are not visible from the front, giving them a unique look.
  • The pants manufacturer uses lightweight 100% cotton in this, while they use heavy-duty twill in jeans with higher GSM.
  • Chinos are more slim fit while other trousers are a bit more relaxed.

These features give chinos a more sleek look, which is why you can wear them casually and formally.

How To Style?

Well, now that we have discussed the history of chinos, how they look, and how they are different from other types of trousers, it’s time to talk about how you should wear them with different shirts and up your fashion game.

  1. Chinos with Polo Shirts: It looks amazing when you wear them with polo shirts. Whether it is a golf match, a formal dinner, or a meeting, you can tuck in the polos in the trousers and have a perfect semi-formal look ready. For a more casual look, leave the polo shirt outside.
  2. Chinos with a T-Shirt and Blazer: Chinos look amazing when you wear them with a t-shirt, and this look has become trendy. Adding a blazer to this look makes it a perfect formal look. You can wear this look to a formal event, which will look amazing.

As far as colors are concerned, a white t-shirt with khaki chinos and a blue blazer looks fantastic and unique, and this will give you a stylish look.

  1. Chinos with a Sweater: Chinos look amazing with a sweater, and make sure to wear a slim-fit sweater which gives an overall slim and fit look to your outfit. You can wear this look to any formal or casual party or dinner.

All these looks will look amazing, and you can change styles and colors to give your outfit a unique look.

Looking For A Pants Manufacturer

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