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What is a full-body laser?

Getting rid of unwanted body hair is so frustrating. The process becomes tedious and quite time-consuming without the proper hair removal method.

Hair removal methods are many. There is shaving, epilators, waxing, bleaching, and whatnot. But, none of them are as effective as they would give permanent results. Above that, not only do they pose a certain risk to the skin but also a painful procedure. So, what can you do? 

Thankfully, laser hair removal proves to be the ultimate solution to this debating concern. If you are getting full-body hair removal, laser technology is what you need. Not only is the process mostly painless and quick, but it also provides skin and health benefits. 

Laser hair removal technically destroys the hair follicles under the skin using high-pulse laser beams. It is safe and applicable to your whole body. The hair’s intense laser lights are absorbed by melanin, convert to heat, and destroy the follicle. Full body hair removal (全身脫毛) can help you eliminate that frisky unwanted hair. 

What can you get with a full-body laser hair removal?

As the same suggests, a full-body laser hair removal will remove hair from every part of your body. This laser treatment covers the entire body. You do not have to get separate laser treatments like facial laser hair removal or bikini laser hair removal. The package includes almost everything, like;

  • Upper lip area
  • Chin
  • Jaw
  • Neck
  • Lip and chin
  • Ears
  • Forehead
  • Sideburns
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Lower face
  • Partial or full bikini 
  • Abdomen 
  • Male chest and back

Be it only your torso, legs, or bikini line, full-body laser hair removal applies to all effectively. However, for safety reasons, bony areas along the eyes are excluded. You can get a hairless body for a long time with regular touchup treatments and proper aftercare. The procedure is worth spending your money on, giving you a smooth feeling all over the body. 

How is full-body laser hair removal different from selective parts laser hair removal?

A full-body laser hair removal covers every body part possible in the package. The overall costs are also substantially lower. However, selective part laser hair removal is constrained to a specific body part like facial laser hair removal, armpit laser hair removal, bikini laser hair removal, etc. Moreover, the cost of these selective packages comes out to be much higher than a single package. You can get everything done in a single session with full-body laser hair removal. 

The duration of a single laser hair removal session varies for different body parts. That could go from 5 minutes to an hour in length. But, a complete body laser hair removal has more surface area to cover and can take about 2 to 3 hours at best. That also depends on the person’s skin, size, hair texture, and amount. 

What factors impact the cost of full-body laser hair removal?

A full-body laser hair removal is safe for every skin type. Hence, salons offering such services use the latest laser technology and the appropriate variant to do the job. Any side effects that the person may experience after the session on the treated area are temporary and go away within a few hours or a day. 

As mentioned earlier, the overall cost of full-body laser hair removal is considerably lower. But what could influence that cost? There are a few factors. 

  • The type of skin the person has is the most significant determinant when analyzing the type of laser treatment and its cost. Since laser treatment performs better in lighter-toned skin and dark hair, the process is much faster and more effective. That, in turn, affects the costs and lowers them. However, the laser treatment is a bit longer for darker skin tones. 
  • Special care and procedure should be followed if you have any skin condition like allergies or have ongoing medication. That is so that the laser treatment does not affect the efficacy of your prescription and trigger the skin condition. Since special needs and care are not familiar, the final cost rises for Sally Beauty
  • Everyone has different hair density and texture. That makes the same laser treatment different for everyone else. The coarseness of the hair and its density affects the laser treatment. The denser the hair, the more laser sessions will be required to get the best results. Those add up to the price of the laser hair removal session. 
  • If you get a facial laser hair removal, the total number of sessions could go from 4 to 6. Why? Because the surface area is small and facial hair is tiny and light. However, when it comes to full laser hair removal, the surface area is broad. Moreover, hair on different body parts has varying growth phases. Hence, the hair regrowth rate and other factors influence the overall cost of the full-body laser hair removal treatment. 

To conclude, laser hair removal is primarily permanent. With enough laser sessions, you can achieve substantial hair reduction. 



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