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What makes iOS stand out?

Have you ever wondered why any custom app development company looks to build an app that supports Android and iOS?

But why do companies choose these two operating systems? This is because these two systems are ruling the world. Yes, you heard it right. These two operating systems have brought enormous changes to our everyday activities.



Can you imagine your day at the workplace or even at home without your phone? Not only the phone but think about any gadget that you use daily. It is the operating system that makes these gadgets run efficiently. In this post, you will read about one such powerful operating system.


iOS is one of the significant players in the market. So it is no wonder why it is always out of the debate of being on the top. Because it has its own arena. Moreover, it has out-of-the-box features. So let’s tell you why it stands out!


First, understand what it is!


All about iOS 

Apple’s operating system is the heart of Apple products. It is the operating system for all Apple creations. In addition, it backs up all Apple products with a robust design and characteristics.


It has nurtured gadgets with some excellent features. Moreover, it caters to devices with qualities such as swiping, tapping, etc. In addition, Apple claims it provides a secure environment for apps.


iOS is well known for its high quality. It lets you have high-quality pictures, a high-quality interface, and a high-quality multitasking ability. Additionally, iOS is ideal for a variety of businesses that look forward to having precision and high performance.


Now, let us delve into its features and the characteristics that make it stand out!


Features of iOS

There are many features or characteristics of Apple’s operating system that make this operating system stand out from the vast competition. If you are someone who is supposed to be a newbie iOS user, know about some of the best features mentioned below.


Always classic

Apple has its own interface. No matter what, owning a device with Apple’s operating system will give you a feeling of class and elegance. Its design, interface, speed, performance, color choices, and every tiny thing is classy.



The combination of the best hardware and software used for iOS products makes it work faster and more efficiently. For example, A12 Bionic chips in iPhones can help achieve this speed effectively.

Improved software and hardware integration

Apple has the best-in-class hardware and software. The amalgamation of the best hardware and software tools can create a unique UI and other features. For example, 3D face ID is one of the best features of Apple’s operating system.


Excellent UI

  • Apple says that it contributed 14.1 % of the market share in the quarter of 2021, says Statista.

iPhones are one of the best-selling phones across the globe. But why are they so popular?


The ultimate thing that makes any phone sell big is the user experience. It provides users with excellent features. In addition, it is easy to use the phone. Its enhancement, such as Siri, is an add-on element to be the most promising UI.

Support and help are the best!

Apple cares about its customers! It caters to its users with a vast database. In addition, it helps users with valuable articles and support. Moreover, it has a live chat option, or you can even plan for an appointment to tackle issues.


In-built money transfer via messages

One of the unique features of iOS is it avails you with the opportunity to send and receive money in messages. It was introduced in iOS 11. Simple text messages can allow you to do so.

Drag and drop

Another feature of Apple’s operating system is the drag-and-drop option. It avails you to quickly drag and drop images, texts, or even URLs. Basically, you can pull things from one application and drop them into another one.



It is a sharing tool. It lets you transfer various media elements to your Apple TV or speakers. It is one of the best tools that Apple’s OS has. Therefore, it is comfortable and luxurious to use this tool and enjoy your favorite movie on a TV with Apple’s interface.


Privacy and security

Apple is stringent when it comes to privacy. It makes sure to offer rigorous security and confidentiality during logging into the system or downloading any content, or for any third-party application operations. For example, it takes care of the VPN while using Safari or allows you to hide your mails, etc.


New applications first

You may have heard about getting many new applications first on iOS. But why does it happen? This is because iOS is one of the large-scaling operating systems. Therefore companies prefer to launch any app or high-quality game first for ioS users.


It is up to users to get their apps.

Have you seen any new iPhones or iPad? Before logging in to any new Apple device, you may have noticed that it has fewer built-in applications. To be precise, there are no unnecessary apps. You have to get only the apps you need, unlike Andriod. Therefore, it is up to users to get the apps they are interested in. This lets users have total control over the application management of their devices.


Add on features

There are many more features that truly are built for iOS only. For example, you can edit live photos. Moreover, you can handle all your files with file organizing applications. Furthermore, nothing beats FaceTime!



According to Statista’s research in May 2022, iOS has 13% of the market share globally.

Apple’s operating system has many more features apart from what is mentioned above. If you want to choose iOS, go for it, it is a wise choice.

Furthermore, it also caters to developers with efficient tools and techniques to develop commendable apps in diverse domains. Moreover, for any successful project, it is advisable for you to connect with an iOS app development Company in Canada.




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