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What to Expect During Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Are you suffering from an irregular jaw that is making everyday life hard for you?

Or did you get into a fight that caused your jaw to be dislocated and heal in that position? Most people in their lives suffer some sort of mild trauma to the face that can dislocate their jaw. Other cases involve having an irregular jaw bone, making the chin either stick out or sucked in. all these problems, however, can easily be fixed with surgery. Jaw reconstruction surgery is commonly referred to as orthognathic surgery. And this procedure is carried out to help the patient have a more symmetrical or aligned jaw line.

But What to Expect During Corrective Jaw Surgery in Islamabad, Pakistan? Before getting the Jaw surgery, it is recommended that you share your concerns with the operating doctor first. For further details read more!

What is Corrective Jaw Surgery?

This procedure is performed on individuals who have jawbone irregularities. This treatment improved teeth alignment as well. Corrective jaw surgery in Islamabad is very effective to correct jawlines that are elongated or too short. There are some cases where you might require braces after the procedure to help align the teeth even faster. A surgeon who performs this surgery is known as a maxillofacial surgeon and this surgery is also referred to as maxillofacial surgery.

How is this Surgery Performed?

The process to fix a misaligned jawline is divided into two phases; the braces period and the surgery period.

Braces Period:

If you have been diagnosed with a misaligned chin or jawline, you will have to wait around 2 years before you can get surgery. This period of time is used by the dentist to fix braces in your teeth. The braces help align the teeth before surgery.

If the surgery is started before this phase, it can get very difficult for the patient to wear braces afterward if required. So its best recommended that you get the braces first

Surgery Period

  • Firstly, our dentist and maxillofacial surgeon will snap pictures of your jaw and teeth along with X-rays. This will help them reshape your jaw better.
  • You will be given a computerized version of a before and after of your jaw. This helps you better understand the before and after of the surgery.
  • Before the surgery starts, you will be given general anesthesia.
  • Two incisions will be made to expose the jaw bone. And depending on your jaw bone’s condition, the surgeon will either remove the bone or place an implant.
  • After the placement or reduction process, the incisions will be closed with stitches.
  • You will be bandaged and sent home the same day.

What to Expect During Corrective Jaw Surgery?

During the Process

This procedure is performed on the inner side of the side, ensuring that no scars are visible on the face or jaw. But there are still a few cases where a few small incisions might be made outside the mouth. Once your jaw has been repositioned, the surgeon will place tiny bone plates or wires and rubber bands to secure the jaw in position. Since these screws are tiny, they merge with the bone over some time.

If you have a smaller chin, you will be given implants too. This implant can be bone from the hip or ribs. Synthetic implants are made of ceramic and are a cheaper option. This procedure is performed on the chin or upper or lower jaw. In some patients, a combination of these surgeries is performed for the best results.

Upper Jaw

This procedure is performed to correct:

  • Significantly receded or protruding upper jaw
  • Crossbite or open bite
  • Protruding teeth or jawline
  • Teeth that are not visible
  • Receded Jawline
  • Reduced growth in the middle of your face

Depending on what has to be fixed, the surgeon will see away the bone present on top of your teeth, making the jaw move as a single unit. The upper teeth are pulled forward to align with the lower set. If you have an open bite, he will shave away the extra bone.

Lower jaw

This surgery is performed to correct:

  • A Receding jawline
  • An elongated jawline

Your doctor will make incisions on the back side of your molars and down the jawline. This enables the jaw to move as a single unit. The bone is then pushed back or pulled forward. The surgery ends with the placement of screws or plates to hold the bone in place.

Chin surgery

This surgery can help fix a deficient chin caused by a receded jawbone. This procedure is usually done along with lower jaw surgery. The process involves cutting a part of the chin bone and moving it forward to secure it with screws.

When to Get Started?

Now that are aware of What to Expect During Corrective Jaw Surgery in Islamabad, Pakistan, we recommend getting treated straight away. Get your reconstructive surgery done from Royal Cosmetic Surgery and Clinic for the best results at affordable prices.



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