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Accelerate Your Business Growth With Gojek Clone On Demand Multi-Service App

Business Growth With Gojek Clone

 You already know that Gojek Clone is an on-demand multi-service app. It provides customers with one-click instant service booking and delivery at doorsteps. The app is famous around the world but what about accelerating it further? How do you plan to boost the sales or simply gather more business? Sure, it is a tricky question to answer but this on-demand app already has an answer to it.


Now, when you go shopping for the cloned app script, ensure that it offers three additional channels:


  • Hotel panels
  • Outdoor KIOSK apps
  • Franchise system


The script must have these channels because only then can you give an extra push to the business.


Shooting up Sales with On-Demand Multi-Service App

Let’s multiply your sales and profits in the bank with these amazing multi-service app companions.



Hotel-tourist taxi panel

Your business can collaborate with the hotels and increase your business. This panel allows the hotel’s employees to book a taxi or moto ride for the guests. In this case, the pickup location will always remain at the hotel’s gate.


It works similar to the app, but here, rather than the customers, the staff books the ride on behalf of the guests staying in their hotel. As a business owner, you:


  • Earn more with commissions.
  • Your brand finds utmost visibility.
  • More people start booking rides from your app in and outside the hotel.


Tip: To make your brand name visible to the public, imprint your posters or name on the taxi doors. Just like the one in the picture.


This is how you can advertise your Gojek Clone app to the public.


KIOSK apps for food ordering

KIOSK apps have recently gained popularity in the restaurant industry although they have existed since the 1990s. Having your KIOSK app at stations or in the college can help you shoot up the sales really high. Investing in this app will help you overcome a lot of food ordering challenges customers face and give you a positive return!


These are some of the benefits your business will gather by providing KIOSK apps for food ordering:


  • Reduced ordering time.
  • Eliminates any room for ordering errors as everything happens online.
  • You can change or modify the menu in real-time.


How will this work? For instance, you are waiting for your bus at the station. You may think of having a sandwich while you’re waiting for the bus. You see the On-Demand Multi-Service App KIOSK and place the order from a nearby cafe. Within 10 minutes, the driver delivers the order!


Doesn’t that work in your business’s and your customer’s favor?


  1. Franchise system

In this system, the entire salon, spa, or car washer company staff can register themselves on the app. In their spare time, the professionals can take up online appointments and deliver the service at the user’s location. For instance, a spa has got itself enrolled in the franchise system.


Each professional services provider can serve and earn individually, besides their spa income. But how does this benefit you?


  • You will get a commission on every service that renders through the app. You will also receive a certain percentage of the amount for the spa as well.
  • Your customers will get services as and when they want at their fingertips!


Thus, spreading out the good words about your business.



In conclusion, I’d only like to say that Gojek Clone is an ultimate mobile app that offers numerous ways to make money. So, if you dream of becoming rich one day, today is the day you purchase this multi-service app.


Join hands with the best white-labeling firm to purchase a high-quality and powerfully-built app of the decade! Trust me, this multi-service app is the best business accelerator you can ever dream of.



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