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What Are Google Alerts, And How Does It Helps The Business?

Online marketing becomes a vital way to reach the targeted audience and achieve your business goals. It works in different methods, and thus brands can choose the specific approach to take their business to the next level. From email to the social media platform, you can earn the audience’s attention.

Search marketing and SEO have become more challenging than ever before because they are scattered all over places. Since the search landscape is dynamic, it is impossible to stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, you should keep an eye on the competition and make necessary changes. Usually, the driving force of all the notable brands starts from Google.

Google is the major search engine assisting markets to go beyond the boundary to reach broader audiences easily and quickly. Since half of the population has switched to virtual spaces, you can use the chance to connect online. Google renders an abundance of tools for marketers to help them connect and interact with the targeted audiences. Here, you will get to know in-depth about Google alerts.

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What Are Google Alerts?

Google develops and provides a free tool called Google alerts to notify the specific result to the people. It reduces the time you spend planning and researching to find where your brand stands. As the competition increases every day, it is mandatory to travel on the right path to reap success.

Google alerts assist your brand maintains tabs, including who mentions it, where it appears, and much more. When you optimize Google alerts, it will send you notifications whenever your name or business appears somewhere. In simple words, Google alerts are a free notification service that sends emails to subscribers. It summarizes the search activity around the search terms.

Google alerts work in a specific and straightforward manner. If you search online on Google alerts, the search parameters will be set according to alert frequency, search area region, preferred language, sites you wish the sources from, and result in you want. You should have an active Google account to understand the working of Google alerts.

How To Set Up Google Alerts

Every business must know how alerts work and the important alerts to use to stay ahead all the time. It helps the brands to save time on analyzing the website. If you want to use the Google alert, you should do the following.

  • Click the link It redirects you to the main page, where you can type your business’s relevant term in the search bar.
  • Next, press the search button. Now, alerts will showcase your recent and relevant search results for the used term.
  • See the preview of the current results that match your search query below the search bar.
  • Hit the show option. You will set language and alert frequency inside the dropdown menu option.
  • Finally, press creates an alert.

Major Google Alerts Help With Your SEO

Increasing organic visibility is the best way to get the actual value of your SEO efforts. But, getting notified of traffic drops at the right time is essential to making the right decision to avoid mishaps.

Are you thinking about how to do it properly? Well! You can make use of the following custom alert features in Google Analytics. Login to your Google analytics dashboard -> customization -> custom alerts -> press manages custom alerts -> hit new alert to use the following alerts.

  • Traffic drop alerts
  • Referral traffic spike alert
  • Lower load time alert
  • Revenue drop alert
  • Malware alert
  • Manual penalty alert
  • Internal error alert

These alerts will help you find the problems quickly and use the right solution to avoid lasting damage.

So How Do Google Alerts Help The Business?

Here are the significant ways search online alerts help brands stay competitive and achieve their goals.

  • Keep an eye on your business mentions and reviews to improve your online presence
  • Ease of tracking your top customers and render new opportunities to maximize sales and revenue
  • Follow your business competitors and determine the best SEO strategy
  • Get all the information in real-time to travel on the right path

If you do not know how to use Google alerts properly to boost your SEO strategies, do not hesitate to speak with the specialist at JDM Web Technologies.



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