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Where To Locate YouTube Statisticians of Search Volume

Knowing the keywords being used to search for will assist you in naming your videos. The most dreadful thing is spending hours planning the recording, editing, and recording of your video only. At the end of the day, not be found by the people you want to reach.  Making sure you have the top searched keywords on YouTube related to your video can help you get noticed. Naturally, quality is crucial to rank, but relevance can help you get on the correct search results.

How to find the top keywords?

Finding the top keywords is among the first things you need to take care of, perhaps even before recording. But, with the discontinuance of YouTube’s Keyword Tool in 2014, it’s not an official source. You can also get free YouTube subscribers with SubPals.

But it doesn’t mean that the information for Google Search is irrelevant. Because the majority of our web-based sessions begin by using the search engine bar (especially on the Chrome Browser when we are using the multi-functional Omnibox) and search engines like Google will receive an enormous portion of these video-related queries well.

We searched using the exact search term we used on YouTube. So the video clips on YouTube are also displayed in the search results for the web (not the video searches). Therefore, the traffic for your video does not just come from YouTube but also from Google. Therefore, all you require is Keyword tools that get real-time data on the volume of searches direct from Google, the search engine with the highest market share. It is possible to estimate pretty well using this data and obtain traffic from the internet.

I utilize a keyword tool known as Twinword ideas. It obtains its information directly from Google, including searches in which the user plans to locate videos. It is also like it because it’s quick. Before my video is published. I use it to find the keywords quickly.

It’s built with artificial intelligence, which means I can select a keyword topic and receive a list of relevant keywords. And ready to incorporate it into my video description and meta information.

It can also sort keyword suggestions based on the user’s intent. If I want only keywords used by people looking to learn how to perform something. Clicking “Know” will display only keywords matching that intent.


Before investing time in an idea or video, I will often visit the website to see if anyone else is seeking it out. This allows me to establish an audience before making my video. Use this free tool for keyword research, begin researching what people want to find out, and then create videos. Utilize your “Know” intent to sort through the results!



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