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Why Do Brands Use Twitter Widget For Their Website?

The digital ecosystem of today demands brands and businesses to create stellar websites to attract their audiences and seamlessly convert them. Nonetheless, just making a site isn’t adequate. As a brand, you need to comprise content that holds the potential to engage and convert your potential customers.

Social media is an amazing medium that offers its users a platform to post dynamic content. Be it brand-generated or User-Generated content, your website is a reflection of your brand and an important touchpoint for your business, hence, it needs to be engaging enough for your potential customers.

Speaking of social media, platforms like Twitter are eventually picking up pace and becoming a major microblogging platform. Twitter gives its users a medium to communicate and connect with fellow Twitterartis. Additionally, it is used by users to freely express their views about ongoing debates, controversies, or any other personal opinions including their experience with brands.

Soon enough, brands began aggregating content from Twitter and embedding it on their brand website. This strategy has gained popularity because of the phenomenal benefits enjoyed by brands. If you are unaware of why should you include this strategy in your marketing efforts, then make your way to the end.

Why Should You Embed Twitter Widget On Your Website?

●    Significantly boost User-engagement

The biggest challenge that brands face when it comes to websites is the inability to keep the visitors engaged on their website, which has a direct impact on the bounce rate of the website.

If it sounds like you, then it’s time to include a Twitter widget for your website.

The logic here is that people love scrolling through their social media feeds. Speaking in numbers, a social media user spends more than 2 hours daily scrolling through social media. When you fetch content from social media content like a Twitter feed, your website visitors will surely be interested to know more about your brand and explore your website more, leading to a higher level of engagement on your website.

●    Increase your following on Twitter

If raising your following on Twitter is a concern, then you can achieve it easily by embedding a Twitter feed widget comprising interesting content on your website.

On condition that You have an active presence on the platform. Then you can simply aggregate your content. Can embed it to give a glimpse to your website visitors into the content published by you. Whether your visitors feel engaged with your content, then there is a high chance that they redirect to your Twitter profile and hit the Follow button to stay updated with your content.

●    Showcase User-Generated Content

Apart from brand-generated content, Twitter is a giant platform for User-Generated Content. Every day millions of Twitter users leverage the platform to post their experiences with brands by tagging or mentioning their profiles.

If you too have noticed your users creating content on Twitter. Then not using it on your website can be a huge mistake. User-Generated Content has proven to be the biggest weapon for brands to widen their reach and spread awareness.

This content also helps potential customers to make better decisions while finalizing a brand for their next purchase. Here is a fun fact to prove our point – a large number of more than 80% of prospective customers include UGC in their shopping decisions.

Similarly, your website visitors may also be confused. While making a purchase, and seeing the validation of your customers. They will be pumped to try out your products or services too. Hence, embedding UGC can help you improve your brand conversions considerably.

●    Improve the overall look of your website

If you are on the lookout to find means and ways to uplift the presence of your brand’s website. Then embedding a Twitter widget can help you with it. Undeniably, social media has quite a vibrant look to itself including platforms like Twitter.

Your website needs to have a pleasing look to itself apart from engaging content. A well-put-together Twitter widget comprising elements such as a stunning theme, template, font, background, color, card style, etc. can right away work on the general look of your site. Once your website has a vibrant look. Your website visitors will be motivated to explore your website more and get you the results you desire for!

Key Takeaways

We are ready to conclude. Now you are familiar with the different ways in which embedding a Twitter widget can help you to grow your business like never before!

Just simply shortlist a responsive and easy-to-use Twitter aggregation tool for the process. You will certainly be able to enjoy the aforementioned benefits and much more!



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